April 27, 2017

Google Storage Options

What kind of Google storage are you using for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos? If you're using Google for a business, the answer matters! G Suite (Basic, Business, and Enterprise) customers might not realize that there are two different kinds of storage available. Either way, Google definitely does not own your data.

By default, employees can purchase individual data storage for use in their G Suite accounts. If a business owner wants all data in their employee's business accounts to be covered by the G Suite Agreement, including technical support service guidelines, the administrator for the organization has the option to prevent employees from purchasing or renewing extra storage, or to prevent them from using Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos. These actions could prevent them from taking full advantage of the extra storage. Individual storage costs less, but the extra storage purchased by employees is only available to them. They can't share it with other users or transfer it to another account, and they can't purchase storage for other users.

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