Is an acronym for "Comma-Separated Value" and a file format. This file format represents tabular data in text form. Rows are represented by new lines and cells are separated by commas.
A Record
Address or A records (also known as host records) are the central records of DNS. These records link a domain to an IP address. You need A records if you want to forward your naked domain in Google Workspace.
Abuse is a reserved username and Google monitors [email protected].
Account Type
Refers to an edition; Legacy Google Workspace, Google Workspace, Google Workspace for Education or Google Workspace for Government.
Admin console
This is the web based tool administrators may use to manage Google Workspace, Android and Chrome devices, and other Enterprise products and services. Learn more about the admin console with this video.
Administrator Account
This account is used to manage the domain, create user accounts, publish web pages, customize URLs and your domain's start page, and much more. The user(s) who have access to these accounts are called an administrator or admin. There are multiple permissions levels for administrator accounts with the highest level being called the "Super Administrator".
See Domain Alias.
API is an acronym for "Application Program Interface". There are several Google Workspace administrative APIs.
Archive is a Gmail feature that removes the Inbox label from a message, letting you clean up your inbox without deleting anything. It's a good idea to archive [rather than delete] messages you may wish to refer to some day. All archived messages can be found in several different ways: in the All Mail label, in any labels you've applied to them, and in Gmail's search results. When someone replies to a message you've archived, the conversation containing that message will reappear in your inbox. In legacy applications, archiving your email stores messages where they're no longer accessible.
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