December 27, 2018

Email subject lines are like news headlines

Email Tip:
Always include a subject line. Time spent in an email inbox can be stressful, and some people have a tendency to rush. Your subject line competes against many others for their attention

, so compose one that helps convince them to read your message. Messages with vague, funny, or confusing subject lines are not useful and much less likely to be read. Your subject lines should read like well written headlines of news articles; short, simple and clear, yet descriptive. Proofread your subject line more carefully than the rest of your message. Don't send subject lines that make your messages look like SPAM; avoid all capital letters, website addresses and exclamation points. Your subject line should match your message. Don’t just reply to an old e-mail message on an unrelated topic. If the subject you’re corresponding about changes, change the subject line to match.

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