Chrome remote desktop
Access other computers or allows another user to access your computer securely over the Internet:
Fast, intuitive and easy-to-manage computer designed to keep data and users safe while delivering all the power of the web. Chromebooks look like laptops but have six to eight hour battery life, and go from off to the web in eight to ten seconds!
Cloud computing

Cloud computing is internet-based computing in which large groups of remote computer servers are networked to serve resources more efficiently. This network is shared and not tied to any specific location. Cloud Computing is for software developers, application vendors, savvy computer users, and corporate IT departments, not for end-users of software applications. It basically consists of:

  • Virtual computers/servers
  • Data storage capacity
  • Communication/messaging capacity
  • Network capacity
  • Development environments
CNAME Record

Canonical Name or CNAME records link an alias name to another canonical domain name. For instance, might link to You'll need to use CNAME records if you want to configure a custom URL for specific Google Workspace services or a Google Site (like


Is the growing tendency for new information technology to emerge first in the consumer market and then spread into business and government organizations. The emergence of consumer markets as the primary driver of IT innovation has reached the tipping point in the shift away from traditional IT created by big business and government organizations.

Contact Information

Your contact email addresses (in Account information under Domain settings) for all official service communications including password recovery and payment notifications.

Contact Sharing

This feature populates a user's Contacts list with all users at your domain, suggests users' email addresses with auto-complete, and allows users to chat with a convenient Quick Contacts list.

Content routing or attachment routing

Define mail routes based on message content or attachment type.

Conversations or Conversation View

One of the important features that differentiates Gmail from on-premise email software like Outlook. Conversations is a term used to describe Gmail's approach to organizing messages that are sent back and forth which share the same subject. Gmail stacks all messages with the same subject in one place, making it easier to understand the context of each message and the meaning of messages as a group. In legacy email software, each message response appears separately, forcing you to wade through your entire inbox to follow the conversation. Although this may initially look confusing to Outlook users, Conversation View allows people to quickly organize their inbox and become more productive. This feature is controlled at the domain level by administrators and may also be turned on and off by individual users.

Custom Logo

You can choose your own logo to be displayed on all services for your domain. Uploading your own logo will replace the default Google and Gmail logos.

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