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April 18, 2017
Meet the new Hangouts

Hangouts Meet is Google's new video meeting experience that makes joining meetings effortless. It helps people be as productive as they are when they’re face-to-face. If you're already using G Suite Basic or G Suite Business, you already have access to this new service

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April 18, 2017
Check out Google Workspace
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March 28, 2017
New Calendar administrator privileges available in the Admin console

Administration of your Organization's Calendars just got more powerful. Now you can delegate control of the Calendar Resources section and the Calendar Settings section of the Admin Console via a new predefined administrator role just for calendars. Learn more

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February 28, 2017
Google Keep has become a Google Workspace core service

Google Keep has been around since 2013, and today, Keep has become a G Suite core service with Admin console controls and access in Google Docs

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December 30, 2016
Action items are better than attachments

Employees spend about 20% of their time at work searching for information. Make teamwork easier with Google files by assigning action items to people instead of sending attachments.

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January 5, 2016
Reminders in Google Calendar

One of the weak points in Google Apps has always been the task list (also known as a to-do list). Google has finally improved on it's antiquated task list with it's new "Reminders", which are integrated with Calendar in a way that's a pleasure to use.

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November 13, 2015
Gmail and Inbox by Google

We love Gmail, but Google is working on it's replacement, called "Inbox". If you would like to try it out, consider using both apps in parallel. You may use Gmail on desktop and Inbox on mobile for the best of both worlds.

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October 11, 2015
Project Management in Google Apps

A project is any outcome that requires more than one action step. Most teams need project management. If your team is using Google Apps, Google Sites may be used as a simple project management tool.

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September 10, 2015
Transform your work with Google

Transform the way you work with Google. These templates will help you use Google for some of your most basic business processes.

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August 27, 2015
Create a new Google Doc quickly

If you create a lot of Google Docs, you may want to streamline that process. Here's a simple link for creating a new Doc:

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